About Us

Our Mission

The Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association mission is to provide a safe and entertaining environment where people of all types can come together and enjoy the pastime of various forms of entertainment collectively known as gaming.

Our Executive

Jess Hallsworth

Jess is a native of Moose Jaw and has lived here for most of his life with a few short periods away for school. He has worked for SaskTel since 2007. Jess has previously produced an off the cuff podcast that discussed current news, runs his own technology consulting business, and enjoys all genres of gaming.


Darren Morrell

Darren was a small-town guy who moved to Moose Jaw for Sask Ploytechnic; he enjoyed it so much he decided to stay.  He has worked for SaskTel for over 10 years.  Darren enjoys spending his free time renovating, relaxing, and playing video games.


Craig Nickel

Craig Nickel has lived in the Moose Jaw area his entire life. Craig attended the University of Regina and SIAST, Palliser Campus. He has been part of organizing youth groups and coaching minor and junior sports through-out the city. Gaming is his passion, whether it is video games, board games, or cards. Being outgoing, a good organizer, and a knowledgeable gamer, Craig makes a fine addition to the Moose Jaw Gamers Association executive.


Lance Harker

Lance has lived in Moose Jaw for the past decade and worked for SaskTel for over 11 years. He enjoys the outdoors, spending time with friends and computer gaming. He believes gaming can be a positive influence on our communities, and is a wholesome activity if given the right environment.


Kristian Sjoberg

Kristian was born and raised in Moose Jaw.  He moved away to the west for about a decade, and returned home after some college, university, and work to join the Sasktel workforce.  He enjoys many online games with friends, so long as they are MAC compatible.  He brings some great connections in the media and has a broad knowledge of public relations from school and life experiences.



Our Vision

As a part of our general charter, we have dedicated any profits above and beyond each year’s operating budget to be donated to children’s charities in the spirit of gaming.

We are solid believers in listening to what our attendees request and say in regards to events. The sky is the limit!

Throughout any growth, our main vision will always be to provide a place for people to gather and enjoy a time of stress free, no-pressure gaming.


We adhere to the Canadian Non-Profit Corporations Act S.C. 2009 and as such a copy of our bylaws can be attained upon request.