About Us

Mission Statement

The Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association mission is to provide a safe and entertaining environment where people of all types can come together and enjoy the pastime of various forms of entertainment collectively known as gaming.

History and Business Activity Goals

Over the past years, a small group of local people has gathered to celebrate a fictitious holiday created by Tim Buckley as a story plot line for the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strip. In essence, the holiday (called Wintereenmas) emphasizes the companionship of gamers. The “holiday” is normally observed in the last week of January.

As each year has passed, the space and equipment required to celebrate grew as well. It started out in someone’s living room, and now requires a hall rental and many volunteers to manage the number of people who participate. As of 2017, there were 80+ attendees!

Attendees arrive at the location and set up their computer systems. These systems can and have been anything from a laptop to a full-blown gaming desktop system with a 4K LCD monitor. A local area net and internet gateway are also provided so attendees can connect with local and remote players for each game.

The event lasts from the early afternoon of Friday mid-day Sunday, two days later.

As each year passes, we find we need to plan and gather more resources to provide the celebrants a safe and secure environment. Our equipment needs have grown to the limits of what charitable loans can support. Our current estimates, gathered from previous years’ growth and statements of interest from potential attendees shows we may need room and equipment for more than 80 people and their gaming systems this upcoming year, as well as the space and organization needed for the growing table-top gaming.

The event has grown past what can be done in someone’s basement. It requires a cooperative effort between several individuals to plan and organize the activities. We need to gather enough equipment to provide to all the attendees. Additionally, we monitor the activities to provide a safe and fun venue. We have a dedicated group of people who donate their time and technical expertise to getting the Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association events off the ground each year.

Company Vision

With hard work, and a solid plan in place, we can see the Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association growing over the years to a convention that could have over 150 attendees.

As a part of our general charter, we have dedicated any profits above and beyond each year’s operating budget to be donated to children’s charities in the spirit of gaming.

Future conventions may contain additional venues such as a vendor area, panels, cosplay, and other contests. We are solid believers in listening to what our attendees request and say in regards to events. The sky is the limit!

Throughout any growth, our main vision will always be to provide a place for people to gather and enjoy a time of stress free, no-pressure gaming.