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Sponsor Spotlight

Moosenet Computer Services is our oldest sponsor and partner. Howard Dore started assisting us in 2012, and has been a sponsor at every event. He also attends every GAX and can be found gaming beside all of the other attendees while he monitors the network and provides technical support to anyone who is having problems. Howard is always ready to make sure all of our attendees have a great weekend. Just to highlight this, during one of our earliest GAX events, a guest’s computer had a power supply fail right at the start of the weekend. Howard opened the store, brought a new power supply and provided it at cost to the guest so they could enjoy the entire weekend.

We would like to thank Moosenet Computer Services and Howard for all of the help he has provided.

Make sure to stop by and see Howard at Moosenet Computer Services for all you technology and computer needs! His store is located at 133 Ominica Street West, Moose Jaw.

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