GAX Update

Less than a month to Wintereenmas!

With our gaming holiday fast approaching, we are in a frenzy to get things settled and ready for the ravenous hordes of gamers that will be descending upon us! For those of you who are wondering what games to make sure your system is loaded with, here is a list that have been played in the past:

No one is required to have these games, if you want to do your own thing and play something else, please do! We only ask that if you are going to play any of these games that you have as many of them loaded onto your game system a possible to avoid bogging down our internet and network connection on the first day.

EDIT: We found room for almost a dozen more people! Lets get some more people to come out and fill the hall! Tell everyone you can that we are still accepting registrations!


  • Kristian

    Left 4 Dead Bundle – Left 4 Dead & Left 4 Dead 2 = $14.99 till Jan 5th

    Also ALL Star Wars Games are 50% off. ANY of them people think we should try and play?

  • Kristian

    Serious Sam 3 with 16 player multiplayer is on-sale today only for 85% off.
    Offer ends in under 5 hrs (4pm Thursday)