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We have extra safety protocols in place for this years gaming expo fundraiser.

We will be following all provincial and municipal safety guidelines in regards to Covid19, as the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre, home of the Mae Wilson Theatre is a civic owned building.

We have extra masks for people who may forget or lose theirs. Please try to bring your own, as you know what fits you best. If you have a plain cloth mask, please insert a surgical mask in behind to increase its effectiveness.

There will be multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility for people to use.

There will be cleaning crews doing rounds of the facility to clean common touch areas regularly.

There will also be entire room cleanings done between sessions of D&D, as well as sani-wipes at the Console area to wipe down controllers before and after each use.

We are excited to move forward with 2022 Winter GAX. We are hoping to have as safe and fun of an event as possible.

Friday, February 4 – 3:00pm until Midnight.
Saturday, February 5 – 8:00am until Midnight.
Sunday, February 6 – 8:00am until 5:00pm

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