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New Xbox Reveal Date Announced

Microsoft will be revealing their new gaming platform, the Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango), on May 21. Their actual release date is rumored to be November sometime. Along with the mounds of guesses and other rumors, there have been a few that have riled up gamers everywhere.

  • There is mounting evidence that the new console will be an “always on” console. What does this mean? You have to have an internet connection to be able to play. Anything. Whether or not it is multiplayer or not.
  • There will be two versions  a normal model priced at $500, and a subscription model that will sell for around $300. What’s this mean? You have to sign up for a minimum period of Xbox Live, probably at least 2 years… Sort of like a Cell phone contract.
  • The new Xbox will not be backwards compatible. All your 360 games will NOT work on it.

Remember using your Xbox as a media device as well? Well Microsoft is moving towards a solid gaming platform. It might be able to play those DVD/Bluray’s, but it will not be designed for it.

All of this info is of course, rumors and supposition. Where does it come from? The “What the Tech” podcast seems to have an inside source that has leaked a few of the details.