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Neverwinter MMO Goes to Open Beta

neverwinter-logoAnyone who was a gamer in the 90’s will remember Neverwinter Nights. You may even still be playing it, it was that good.

Perfect World with Cryptic Studios have brought us the newest version of the game, titled Neverwinter. This new MMO is a free-to-play version that is using micro-transactions. Currently in open beta (go sign up!), it allows you to start playing the game and experience and almost fully functional game.

What’s so special about this MMO you say? Aside from being based on the ever popular Dungeons and Dragons system, it has a singular feature that NO OTHER MMO HAS TO DATE: The Foundry. Build adventures and dungeon crawls that other players can try! Build your own adventures for your friends. Be the dungeon master and let the computer take care of the mechanics!

I’m sure we will see tons of really amazing content that is designed and produced by all the players. Some of the richest content in games today comes from the player and game community.

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