GAX Update

Update: Wintereenmas in July

gamers-always-welcomeIt seems there is enough interest in having an event this summer, so here’s the official word:

The event is tentatively scheduled for the days of July 20 and 21st, with the doors opening around noon on the Saturday, closing at midnight, and re-opening on Sunday at 9:00am! Gaming will continue to 5:00pm.

Why do we say tentatively? As with our other events, the whole thing hinges on you! We need to have a at least 20 people signed up and paid before the event will be a guarantee. Registration will be $25.00. Location is the Moose Jaw Union Center. Watch our Facebook and Official Website for registration info. We will be posting it in the next few days. In the event we do not get 20 registrations, we will be refunding all money to the people who had registered.

Don’t have a PC? That’s fine! We would love to have console gamers come and attend as well! Bring your entire clan and have a party!

Let’s get word of this out there! If we can stuff the hall again, we will have an even BETTER event come January!