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And That’s a Wrap!

Back in May, there was the question: “Will there be a summer event?”

We hadn’t even thought about it. Most people are away for the summer, on vacation, or at the lake enjoying the sun. But we thought: What the heck! Before we knew it we had 25 gamers all set to go!


The Moose Jaw Gamer’s Association would like to thank all the people who came out to this weekend’s event. It’s people like you who made it possible for us to donate an Apple iPad to the Pediatric Unit at the Moose Jaw Hospital. The event was a screaming success, and we hope that you all enjoyed it as well!

In the coming months we will begin planning in earnest for the January 2014 Wintereenmas celebration. There were some regulars who weren’t able to make it to this past weekend, and we know you will be clawing down the doors come January to get in! Keep watching this website and our Facebook page for information. We hope to open registration sometime in October! Let everyone know, tell them about the website! Share our posts on your Facebook!

Until then: Game on!

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