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Heck of an Idea: Controllers for Disabled Gamers

Recently, I had an email appear in our inbox that really caught my attention. It was all about groups of people who are developing and building controllers and other devices so that gamer’s with disabilities can enjoy consoles and other game platforms. There is a charity called The Able Gamers Foundation that is spearheading the effort to provide these and other ways for disabled people to enjoy games.

Ben Heck, in association with Element14, has several videos that show the steps of how to alter both an XBOX One and PS4 controller to be One Handed Accessible. Ben is well known for his console modding, and has accepted challenges in the past to modify various controllers for disabled access. The controllers he makes are donated to The Able Gamers Foundation.

The Able Gamers Foundation will be at PAX-East on April 11, in Boston. So if you are attending, make sure to stop by, check out the booth, and perhaps donate a few dollars!

This is why we are gamers. We love it so much that we HAVE to surmount the hurdles and brainstorm ways to let everyone experience the joy of being able to game. Besides… why bother if you can’t share?

Many thanks to Aleksej for bringing this amazing group to our attention!

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