GAX Info


GAX (GAmer’s eXpo) is a semi-annual event hosted by the Moose Jaw Gamers since 2010 and this year’s event features all aspects of gaming from computer, classic and modern consoles, card games, board games, D&D, tabletop games, Virtual Reality and more!

Attendance has continued to grow year after year and after record attendance at last years GAX event, organizers are hoping this year’s expo will be an even bigger success.

Attendees to GAX can expect 3 days of excitement featuring LAN gaming, popular and obscure board and card games, classic and modern console games on projection screens involving games for 1-8 players. Plus, one of the fastest growing trends in gaming will be showcased with top E-sport games and highly ranked E-Sport Gamers in attendance. Tournaments for Super Mario Kart and Smash Brothers Ultimate have become a regular, and very exciting, part of every GAX.  In 2019 they hosted a Settlers of Catan National Qualifier for the Province as well.

Organizers with MJ Gamers say the event boasts both competitive and non-competitive divisions with door prizes, is supervised and includes a pizza party Saturday night so it’s definitely a visitor friendly, relaxed environment suitable for all ages. With the MJ Gamers being a non-profit charity organization, a portion of the event proceeds in past years has benefited other local charities:

  • Hunger In Moose Jaw – School Lunch Program
  • Moose Jaw Pediatric Ward
  • Children’s Wish Foundation
  • Saskatchewan Pediatric Auditory Rehab Centre via Moose Jaw Elks
  • Canadian Arthritis Society – In Memorial
  • Moose Jaw Food Bank “Mighty Munchies” Program

MJ Gamers organizers are encouraging attendees to bring their board games, card games, gaming consoles and computers from home to enhance the event even more with the possibility of tournaments and prizes. Console fans can expect everything from Classic Atari games, Sega, Nintendo and more including a Switch featured on a projector for large groups to play. Meanwhile, other gamers can expect everything from traditional and non traditional card games, board games and role playing games like Dungeon’s & Dragons with plenty of table space from everyone. More and more people are coming in cosplay. Come on down and show off your favorite costume!

What do I need to bring for LAN gaming?

  • Bring a chair – we do have chairs available, but they are not comfortable for a gaming marathon!
  • Your computer or gaming system – bring what you want for equipment, but remember you have limited space!
  • A power bar or UPS system
  • Headsets are required if you want to be able to hear your games.
  • You may want to lock your PC w/password or lock laptops w/Kensington lock if so desired
  • Any food or drinks you wish to bring. No alcohol allowed.
  • As this is an all ages event, please keep the vulgar language to a minimum.
  • Pre-Install as many games as you can. We will have high speed fiber internet, but it’s best if you have already have them!
  • We will be providing wired and wireless connections to the network and internet. Patch cords will be at each station for your use. Please make sure your torrent systems are shut down while connected to the gaming network.
  • High bandwidth video streaming is discouraged as we share a WAN connection among all the players.
  • We reserve the right to eject anyone who disregards these rules.

All attendees are required to sign a waiver upon entry.